LeiGu Tech Shenzhen Ltd are founded by a group of 10+ years professional engineers who have years experience in the industrial areas. We focus on assist the company on the flawless NPI launch and help client to apply the strict validation process for product design and production line setup. To improve the quality performance and efficiency performance.


    We are target to work with partner in different background such as: 



    Product designer

    Manufacturing Partner

    Industrial engineering

    Electronics engineering

    Mechanical engineering

    Quality engineering

    -Testing engineersing

    -Tooling and fixture engineering 


    In order to achieve this ,We has established a testing facility in Pinghu of Shenzhen to conduct validate testing on electronics products and consumer products . To help client to achieve reasonable design target.

    Our sourcing partner also can help clients to identify the best factory and with our engineering support. Use a suitable supplier can  shorten the product development process and time.


    The founders of our company have worked in number of Multi National Company in their career, such as  high volume EMS and incubator experience, for clients work with us will significantly reduce the product launch risk with reasonable cost.


    We are welcome all sort of coorperation possibilities, please contact us for any queries 


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